Norme de viziune la 50

norme de viziune la 50

norme de viziune la 50

How to help with oral reading — Bruce Murray, College of Education How to help with oral reading — Bruce Murray, College of Education ia-l din - Traducere în engleză norme de viziune la 50 exemple în română Reverso Context Cele mai eficiente exerciții pentru tratarea miopiei How to help with oral reading How to Help Beginners With Oral Reading Click here for a Ukrainian translation of this page by Anna Matesh; for a Portuguese translation of this page by Artur Weber; for a Russian translation of this page by Stanislav Navikov; for a Norwegian translation of this page by Lars Olden; for a Georgian translation of this page by Ana Mirilashvili; or for a Spanish translation of this page by Laura Mancini.

Fluent reading is reading in which words are recognized automatically.

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With automatic word recognition, reading becomes faster, smoother, and more expressive, and students can begin to read silently, which is roughly twice as fast as oral reading. But beginning readers usually do not read fluently; reading is often a word-by-word struggle.

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How do we help children struggling with slow, painstaking sounding out and blending? Support and encourage them. Effortful decoding is a necessary step to sight recognition.

norme de viziune la 50

In general, the fluency formula is this: Read and reread decodable words in connected text. Decode unknown words rather than guessing from context.

Reread to master texts. Use text with words children can decode using known correspondences.

norme de viziune la 50

Use whole, engaging texts to sustain interest. Traducere "am vedere" în engleză There are two general approaches to improving fluency.

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The direct approach involves modeling and practice with repeated reading under time pressure. The indirect approach involves encouraging children to read voluntarily in their free time. The direct approach: Repeated readings The method of repeated reading has the best track record for improving fluency. Fluency depends on getting many more words into sight vocabulary.

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When children are decoding words and self-correcting in context, they are adding sight vocabulary. Usually, it only takes about four trials to add a new word. In repeated reading, children work on reading as they would work at making music: They continue working with each text until it is fluent.

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Repeated reading works best with readers who are full alphabetic, i. Se pare că browser-ul dvs.

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Use a passage of words or so at the instructional level. The text should be decodablenot predictable.

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The reader might select a favorite from among familiar books. Here are two ways to frame repeated reading. Graphing is motivating viziune câtă energie it makes progress evident. The basic procedure is to have your student read a short book norme de viziune la 50 chapter as you time the reading with a stopwatch norme de viziune la 50 cell phone probably has a good one.

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Graph the result with a child-friendly graph, e. Here is the formula for correct words per minute: [Number of words X 60] ÷ [Number of seconds] You can quickly get the result with a hand calculator—again, on Bruce Is The Sight phone. Traducere "ia-l din" în engleză Aim for speed, not accuracy.

norme de viziune la 50

Over repeated readings, speed in WPM will increase and errors will decrease. Nu am vedere periferică în ochiul norme de viziune la 50. If you emphasize accuracy, speed falls off.

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I recommend you get a baseline reading first. When the goal is reached, raise the bar 5 WPM for the next book or chapter, which requires a new scale on your graph. Keep in mind that as you time each reading, you need to keep track of missed words.

norme de viziune la 50

Between readings, it is important to support reading in ordinary ways : Ask an open-ended question or make a comment about story events after each reading to keep a meaning focus.

Help the student learn the words he or she struggled with, using coverups have the reader uncover the word slowly with a craft stick to make sense of the spelling and finishing the sentence to see if the attempt made sense.

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